Hi! Welcome to Potter Productions blog. My name is Kristina and I run Potter Productions (with some help from my amazing sister). After opening this Etsy shop a few years ago, it at first sat idle with nothing in it.  Well, last fall I decided to put it to use selling my lovely creations.  Now the shop is full of many different products in all colors, shapes and sizes!  It’s awesome to see how it’s grown so far, and how others are inspired by the same colorful style that inspires me.

I’ve been doing this Etsy thing for about a year now and figured I would start a blog. I’m super terrified to be putting myself out there like that, but I wanted a place to share my creations and a couple free patterns I design! I already have a couple lined up and I’m so excited for you guys to use my patterns and make beautiful creations!

I’ve been crocheting on and off since I was pretty young. My sister taught me the basics of it and I spent the majority of my time just making chains with my cousins and seeing who could make longer ones. I didn’t really start making “real” projects until I was about 17 and made my very first afghan. It was pretty simple, and I made a LOT of mistakes but I still have my first afghan and use it to this day.

Feel free to follow along on this scary adventure of owning my own business and writing a blog!










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