Bobbie Beanie Pattern

I was at Walmart one day looking through the yarn aisle (cause….ya know, I just couldn’t help myself) and I saw there was a bunch of sale yarn. I got a couple of this and couple of that and then went home and put them on my yarn shelves.  I spent several days looking at them and wondering what to make with them. Then one day it hit me. I finally had a vision of what I wanted to make.


I wanted something simple that would go well with such a chunky yarn, so I made just a simple beanie. It’s meant to be fairly fitted, but also chunky and squishy.

This pattern is super easy and hopefully really easy to follow.


Materials used:
2 Skeins Lion Brand Hometown USA
(if you would only like 1 color in your hat, you will only need 1 skein)
N (10mm) crochet hook
Tapestry needle

A 4×4 inch square should have 8 stitches across and 4 stitches high.


CH – Chain
INC – Increase
HDC – Half Double Crochet
SL ST – Slip Stitch
DC – Double Crochet


Ch 4, slst to for a circle
IMG_20180912_141645.jpg  IMG_20180912_141705.jpg
Row 1: Ch3, dc 11. Slst to beginning of row (12)
Row 2: (inc) Ch3, dc 2 in each stitch, repeat that around until you have 24 including the chain 3 stitch. Slst to beginning of row (24)
IMG_20180912_141943   IMG_20180912_142431
Row 3: (inc) Ch 3, dc 2 in one stitch, dc1 in next stitch, repeat until you have 36 including the chain 3 stitch. Slst to beginning of row (36)
Rows 4-10: Ch3, dc 35, slst to beginning of row (36)
Change color
Row 11: Ch2, hdc 35 around, slst to beginning of row (36)
Tie off and sew in any lease ends with tapestry needle.

I hope you all enjoy this pattern as much as I do!

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