The Best Drink Cozies Ever. Like For Real Though.

I’ve seen a bunch of people who crochet little cozies and cup holders and such, but they are usually just the ones that go around the cup, but not one that covers the bottom too. I saw a pattern on Pinterest a while back that I thought would be just perfect for cozies, so I followed the link and stumbled my way through the super confusing pattern and fell in love with the design.


I always get so many compliments on these any time I use them in public. They are so cute and do a really great job at keeping the cold or hot from your hand. My husband loves the one I made for him and tells anyone and everyone about it and how great it is!


They can stretch pretty well and with the cotton, if they stretch a little too much you can just wash them real quick and they shrink right back up! And that’s another really great thing about these, you can easily just throw them in the wash if they get dirty at all. I’ve tried them on a bunch of different sized cups (I may or may not be addicted to iced coffee….) and I have yet to find a cup that these won’t fit!


We have a couple different size and color options in the shop, but I can always make a custom one if you don’t see the color that would be “just perfect” for you!

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