Learning to Crochet – Lesson 3.5 Granny Square Heart

Happy Valentine’s! (or almost Valentine’s, still a couple days away) This is a bonus lesson for a granny square heart pattern! These are super cute, and not too hard. We’ll be using a new stitch, but you already know the double (if not you can go back to lesson 2 and figure it out pretty quickly) so the triple should be pretty easy to pick up.

We’re going to start out with the granny square we just learned.

Now we’re getting into the more difficult part. Starting from the corner, wrap the yarn around your hook twice. Put your hook through the middle of the chain 1 spot, and pull yarn through. You should have 4 loops on your hook now. Wrap the yarn around once and pull through 2 loops, and repeat that until you only have 1 loop left.

Do 12 triple crochets into the same hole, and then slip stitch into the next corner, that should make a nice rounded half of the heart. Then you just need to repeat that on the next side, and you’ll have your heart!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine’s day with friends and family and everything that makes your heart happy!! ❤

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