Learning to Crochet Lesson 10 – Grit Stitch

This is another one that I haven't used before, and I'm wondering if it would look better with other yarns. It's always nice to add extra texture and dimension to your projects so they don't end up being plain and boring. Grab your hook and yarn and we'll get started! Start by chaining 21. Skip … Continue reading Learning to Crochet Lesson 10 – Grit Stitch

Learning to Crochet Lesson 9 – Moss Stitch

I've seen this stitch being used quite a bit recently, and honestly I had no idea how to do it! So I figured we could learn this one together. It is a very easy stitch, and it turns out sooo pretty! Grab your yarn and hook and let's get started! You're going to start off … Continue reading Learning to Crochet Lesson 9 – Moss Stitch

Tutorial – Faux Fur Crochet Mat

I keep seeing all over Instagram people have these faux fur blankets, or mats or whatever in their pictures, but I can never find one that's within my price range (I can be pretty stingy sometimes). So when I found Lion Brand Go For Faux at Walmart yesterday for only $2 a skein, I got … Continue reading Tutorial – Faux Fur Crochet Mat

Tutorial – Crochet Star Shine Crown

Do you have some yarn laying around and a hankering to make a super cute crochet crown? Well, let's make one!! Materials used:Caron Simply Soft (or a similar 4 weight yarn)I (5.25mm) crochet hookScissorsEmbroidery needleG Abbreviations:CH - ChainSC - Single CrochetHDC - Half Double CrochetDC - Double CrochetSK - SkipSLST - Slip Stitch Special stitch:Star … Continue reading Tutorial – Crochet Star Shine Crown